A Safe and Responsible Return to Travel

Due to the ongoing impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve made a number of updates to our safety guidelines, flexible booking conditions and trip departures. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and team remains our priority and as the world begins to open up again, we look forward to having you travel with us soon.

A Safe and Responsible Return to Travel


As we start planning our return to running trips, the health and well-being of our guests and team has always been, and always will be, our primary concern and our return to operations will be done in a safe and responsible way.

In this new, fast changing COVID-19 era, we are doing all we can to adapt to new requirements and expectations. To give you the needed peace of mind during your travels in these new times, here are some important new steps and procedures that we have implemented to enhance hygiene protocols, to comply with physical distancing requirements by relevant government authorities and the World Health Organisation.


Hand Hygiene: All our guests are asked to follow hygiene practices recommended by the World Health Organisation including the thorough and regular washing of hands and sanitising when required. Hand sanitiser is freely available on board for our guests to use throughout the day.

Face Masks: Please bring your own washable face mask and gloves with you, as these are required to be worn in public in some countries. Deposable face masks are freely available on board for our guests to use throughout the day.

Accommodation: We are very selective in who we work with and choose to only use hotels and accommodations that take the health and well-being of our guests as seriously as we do and agree to meet expected guidelines and specifications. We only work with establishments that we are confident will consistently adhere to our standards.

Transport: All our coaches, mini buses, transfers are sanitised before the start of your trip and have always been kept to very high standards.

Restaurants: We choose to only use restaurants which follow local regulations on table spacing and guest seating in restaurants. The restaurants must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day, and tables and chairs must be disinfected after each guest use.

Activities: All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests.

Removal of customers, leaders, crew: If customers, leaders or crew show symptoms of COVID-19 and are either unable to or unwilling to be tested, EMH reserves the right to remove them from our trips to prevent any risk to others.

Support during a COVID-19 incident: Customers and leaders/crew on our trips with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 will be assisted to access appropriate medical care as quickly as possible. We will help contact family and friends. Customers will be supported with translation services if required at hospitals or medical centres and in contacting insurance companies, travel agents and airlines to make arrangements to return home.


Thanks to our perfect-sized smaller groups and customised coaches with fewer seats, you not only enjoy twice the legroom of a standard coach but also more personal space on board. Smaller groups also mean less queuing whilst embarking and disembarking, as well as at hotels and attractions, so it’s easier to maintain a comfortable physical distance. We also have the capability to offer some tours on a Private basis as this is a way to ensure minimal cross-contamination with passengers.


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the World Health Organisation and government health bodies, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

We ask that you please take personal responsibility for your well-being. This begins with packing any personal protective equipment and sanitisers you require. Please adopt physical distancing and hygiene practises throughout your pre-trip travel arrangements and follow all health instruction whether physical signage, or requests from our professional staff once you are vacationing with us.