Holidays to Laos

Holidays to Laos

The laid-back people of Laos have earned their country a reputation as the sleeping beauty of South-East Asia. Isolated for decades, tourism is still very much in its infancy here.

An outward looking Laos is now embracing tourism which has paved the way for a wave of new boutique hotels and opened up opportunities for exploring this lush and tranquil land as you travel around on your tour of Laos.

Holidays to Laos are a step back in time to a quieter more thoughtful era. There are no frantic cities here and the pace of life is definitely relaxed as you travel around Laos, a country riches with natural and cultural delights. If a mix of wonderful landscapes, gleaming temples, refined accommodation and relaxed hosts appeals, then Laos is the place for you.

Most Popular Laos Tours

Classic Laos - 7 Days
Starting in the capital city of Vientiane - explore temples and markets, to Vang Vieng for numerous photo opportunities. Continue journey to Luang Prabang for time to discover its rich heritage before an adventure on the Mekong River to take in the picturesque scenery as the boat whizzes past verdant jungle and dramatic limestone cliff.
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Laos Discovery - 8 Days
Discover the hidden charm of the capical Vientiane and drive up north to the tribes, limestone town in Vang Vieng, also visit the the stone Jars town in Plain of Jars, drive pass beautiful scenery of the mountain, arrive to Luang Prabang, exploring the world heritage town.
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Laos from North to South - 10 Days
This tour is the best way to reveal the myth and secret of Laos from the iconic Luang Prabang to the Plain of Jars, to the capital city – Vientiane, and to lesser known Southern Laos area – 4000 islands where Mekong Delta fall from the sky....
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Explore Laos in Short Time - 5 Days
This tour will introduce you to Laos’s heritage. It begins with Vientiane, the capital of Laos, to the more distant past in Xiengkhouang’s Plain of Jars, to Luang Prabang and wonder at the pomp and splendour of the temples in the former royal capital. Travel by boat on the great Mekong River....
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